Beacon Hill Country Park - Toilet Block & Pay Station

Beacon Hill Country Park

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Beacon Hill Country Park

Anna Adcock

Variety for dogs
Dog socialisation


Good place to meet other dogs and owners. Good facilities including toilet block at car park. Parking is not free however and it could do with more dog waste bins.


In the first of my blog posts under the category of ‘dog walks’ I have decided to review Beacon Hill Country Park from the aspect of a dog owner. Hopefully these types of blog posts will be helpful to readers of my blog. Perhaps you have recently moved into the area? Alternatively maybe you have recently acquired a dog and need some ideas where to walk them.

Beacon Hill Country Park – The Positives

We are lucky living in the Loughborough area as there are a number of great places to walk your dog. Beacon Hill Country Park is certainly a popular option with local dog walkers. It’s located just south of Loughborough and is well signposted. There are two car parks, upper and lower. The main image for this article is of the toilet block and pay machine in the upper car park. There are a number of marked paths to pick from, some aimed at walkers and cyclists and some bridleways for everyone including horses.

In terms of facilities it’s a mixed affair. The toilet block is welcome but there is no cafe. Apparently I’m told that one might be planned for later in 2019. I also didn’t see too many dog waste bins which was a surprise for somewhere so popular with dog owners. I’m assuming the local council will want dog owners to take dog waste home with them. However certain fenced fields contain grazing cattle and plenty of their droppings. Such fields clearly state that dogs must be under control between April 1st and October 31st due to the cattle. During my last visit one such field contained some Highland Cattle.

Highland Cattle at Beacon Hill Country Park
Highland Cattle at Beacon Hill Country Park

Beacon Hill Country Park is perfect for off lead walks. It’s completely possible to avoid all these fenced fields containing cattle if you want. However due to the number of other dogs you are likely to encounter it’s not really suitable for dog aggressive dogs to be off lead. Being so popular with other dog owners makes this a great place to get a new puppy socialised. Being such a large area it’s perfect for walks of any duration.

The views are extensive. Not far from the car park you will find a trig point indicating that you are at a height of 245 metres. There are views for miles in almost every direction.

Beacon Hill Country Park – The Negatives

There isn’t much I don’t like about Beacon Hill Country Park. Certainly what I’m about to say shouldn’t put anyone off from visiting and trying it out for yourself. I’ve already mentioned that there don’t appear to be a large number of dog waste bins. Another possible issue is the car parking charges. Depending on your outlook, some may consider them excessive. The rates at the time of writing were:

  • £2.00 for up to 1 hour
  • £3.00 for between 1-3 hours
  • £4.00 for over 3 hours

These charges probably don’t seem too bad for a dog owner who visits here at the weekend to enjoy the stunning scenery. However for a dog walker like myself who does multiple walks a day, car parking would get expensive. At this stage I should point out that for regular users there is a season ticket option. For £60.00 a year you could buy a season ticket that will allow you to use all of the Leicestershire Country Parks. For blue badge holders this is reduced to £20.00 a year. These other parks include:

  • Market Bosworth Country Park
  • Watermead Country Park (North)
  • Bosworth Battlefield Museum & Country Park
  • Broombriggs Farm and Windmill Hill
  • Burrough Hill Country Park
  • Shenton Station

In summary Beacon Hill Country Park is a great option for locals looking for somewhere to walk their dog. If you would like to read more about this popular location please visit the following article on the Leicestershire Country Parks website which even contains a PDF guide which you can download.

Leicestershire Country Parks Visitor Guide

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Beacon Hill Country Park - Toilet Block & Pay Station

Beacon Hill Country Park

In the first of my blog posts under the category of ‘dog walks’ I have decided to review Beacon Hill Country Park

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1 thought on “Beacon Hill Country Park”

  1. Since this article was written the cafe has opened. It is very popular and extremely busy at peak weekend times. The staff were a little slow and it may have improved with practice.
    There are a few dog waste bins around but I assume the problem is, someone has to go and empty them all. It’s not too much of a task to carry said poo bags to the next available bin.
    The report you gave is accurate


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