Cat Sitter Loughborough

I offer professional reliable cat sitting in Barrow and surrounding villages of the Loughborough area including Sileby, Quorn, Rothley, Seagrave and Mountsorrel.

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Cat Sitter Loughborough

Cat Sitting

As a cat sitter I understand that owners need a reliable caring service for their cats where they are given the same care and attention that they give themselves.  The well-being of your cat is my top priority.  Nothing is too much trouble to ensure every cat in my care is happy and healthy.

Most cats are creatures of habit and dislike change.  A cat sitter is a great option as it avoids the stress of travel and an unfamiliar enclosed environment. I will visit your cat or cats at home once or twice a day to ensure that they receive their normal diet and follow their preferred routine in familiar surroundings.

My Service

During my cat visit I will:

  • Feed your cat
  • Give fresh water
  • Wash bowls
  • Change cat litter
  • Give medicine
  • Give plenty of love, attention and playtime (if this is what your cat enjoys)!

I am also happy to water plants, take out bins, open and close curtains and take in post for your peace of mind whilst you are away.  I can also send regular photos and updates if required.

Cat Sitting Service near Loughborough

get in touch!

I have owned many cats, or more accurately – I have been owned by many cats!  Each one has been different, and each one has taught me something. 

I offer a free of charge visit where we can talk about your cat and their usual routine.  I will find out all about your cat: their likes and dislikes, and make a note of any special instructions. If your cat is agreeable I can spend some time getting to know them in advance of my visits starting.

If you would like to contact me to talk about my cat sitting services please do call me on 07939046003 or email me at


  • Cat Sitting (20+ minutes) One daily visit £6.00

    Each visit lasts at least 20 minutes. Extended visits also available.

  • Cat Sitting (20+ minutes) Two daily visits £10.00

    Each visit lasts at least 20 minutes. Extended visits also available.

Charnwood Paws – Cat Sitter Loughborough and local villages. I cover Sileby, Quorn, Rothley, Seagrave and Mountsorrel.

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