Puppy Visits

I offer puppy care, puppy walks and help with socialisation of young dogs in Barrow Upon Soar and surrounding villages of the Loughborough area.

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Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits

I can visit your puppy at home.  During this time I will:

  • Let your puppy outside to go to the toilet.
  • Clean up any accidents.
  • Feed and refresh water.
  • Offer fuss and attention.
  • Reinforce any training that you have started.

Puppy Walks

In addition to the above I can take your puppy for a short walk helping to increase its confidence in the great outdoors and to begin to learn how to walk on lead.

Puppy Socialisation

I can help you with the important task of puppy socialisation: a key part of having a confident and relaxed dog is introducing them to the world whilst they are young and receptive to new experiences.  This is known as socialisation and if managed carefully and continuously during the first year will reward you with a friendly and steady dog that takes the world in its stride. 

The most critical part of socialisation is the first 16-18 weeks of life.  At this point your puppy is programmed to have a level of curiosity which outweighs its fear of the unknown- a great time to introduce it gently to a wide variety or people, noises, animals and environments.  A quick Google brings up a huge list of things to expose your young dog to, from horses and people in uniform, to tractors and traffic cones!  After these first 16-18 weeks socialisation should be continuously built on.  It is difficult to fit this around daily life and this is where I can help.

I can help you to socialise your puppy and young dog by gently and sensitively introducing it to a wide range of experiences at its own pace in order to gradually build its confidence.  I will ensure each experience is a positive one helping build the foundations for a confident dog.

Puppy Sitting


  • Puppy Visits (25+ minutes) £7.00

    Puppies need regular care and attention and feeding 3 times a day. I will visit your puppy and let it outside to go to the toilet, feed, water and most importantly give plenty of fuss and attention. I can reinforce any training that you have started. Accidents cleared up.

  • Gentle Potter (20 minutes) £6.00

    Ideal for puppies and older dogs. A gentle walk at their own pace. Emphasis on building confidence outside and reinforcement of any training that you have started. Fresh water given and feed if required. Accidents cleared up.

  • Puppy Socialisation (30 minutes) £9.00

    I will work with you to establish what to gently introduce your puppy to as part of its socialisation. This will depend on any work you have already done, and the types of environments that your puppy will need to be particularly comfortable in as an adult dog. Puppies learn best in short bursts, 30 minutes is a good length of session, but longer or shorter sessions can be arranged for particular types of socialisation.

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